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Garden Name Generator

I'm a big advocate for naming your garden. It gives it a sense of place. And you'll feel more like it is your garden. You named it, after all!

But some people need a little bit of help figuring out what to name their gardens.

So, the other day, meaning September 17th, I posted a Garden Name Generator on that place called "Facebook" on my page called May Dreams Gardens and a whole lot of people shared it.

Then I realized that some of the readers of my blog may have chosen not to be on Facebook (for which I do not blame you one bit) and so may not have seen it.

Or maybe some of you are on Facebook but just missed it.

Regardless, you are all my favorites because you read my blog, so I posted it here for you. Use it if you are having trouble coming up with a name for your garden.

But remember. It is just going to give you a suggestion. Ultimately, what you name your garden is entirely up to you!


  1. Thanks for sharing with us non-facebook folks/hermits. My Garden is 'Nonnie's Garden' and I am happy with that!! Love your blog and podcast.

  2. Thanks for remembering us never Facebookers. Right now the name of my garden is Pat's Weedy Deer Salad

  3. Greenbow is the name of my garden but I like to take part in these entertaining surveys. This makes the name of my garden Pleasant Verdant Farm. Since my garden isn't large enough to be considered a farm it is good that my preferred name will be kept.

  4. Well, Happy Green Estate is lovely and all, but I think I’ll stick with Robin’s Nest!


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