The Gruntled Gardener

I just learned that the opposite of disgruntled is gruntled, and that yes, gruntled is an actual word.

A useful word. It means "pleased, satisfied, contented."  We can correctly say, "She was gruntled by her garden."

Or we could say, "She was disgruntled by her garden."  Meaning, of course, that she was unhappy, or displeased, or not satisfied with her garden.

I hope you are gruntled by your garden this fall, pleased with how it grew over this past season.  For to be gruntled is far better than to be disgruntled.

But no matter how gruntled you are with your garden, I hope it doesn't make you complacent. After all, there is always room for improvement, no matter how gruntled you are with your garden.

Personally, I shall always strive to be a gruntled gardener, just because I like how it sounds. And perhaps the next time someone asks me how I am, I might answer, "I'm gruntled."

And then watch to see how they react.

(I am easily amused.)

Are you gruntled with your garden?


  1. I am as gruntled with my garden as I can be at this time of year.

  2. English is such a fun language! Disgruntled and gruntled reminds me of uncouth and couth.I am couth and gruntled today. You would sure get odd looks if you said that!
    Have a wonderful week!


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