The Garden's Most Photographed Flower

Step right up, dear readers, and you will see the garden's most photographed flower.

The current record holder—and yes I readily admit my record-keeping in this matter is lax to the max—is a Christmas Rose, Helleborus niger.

No doubt my extraordinary gardening skills the warmer than usual weather is allowing this plant to shine like the winter beauty it is.

I think it is possible that maybe this flower will be featured on Great Day TV this Saturday (Dec. 28) at 10:00 am EST on WISH-TV.  The videographer shot some footage of it and we talked about it so they might put all that together for a segment.  We'll see when it comes out.

My first TV segment on holiday plant care aired last Saturday but I haven't seen it yet. A friend recorded it so I just need to get to her house to view it. She said it was good and I had some friends comment on Facebook that it was good and my old boss sent me a text saying I did an outstanding job so I think it went alright.  I'll try to watch it this week so I can provide my own fair and unbiased review of it.


In other news... well, there isn't really any other news. I'm working on book edits for my fifth book and the garden fairies have been quite lazy, as they always are, so I'll probably post again later this week or before the New Year. After all, not only is there an entire year to look back on fondly, but we are also saying goodbye to an entire decade! That calls for some reflection, I think, don't you?

In the meantime, stay warm, stay full, stay calm and bright and all that.

And don't forget to tune in to The Gardenangelists podcast. The current episode is all about tea, rosemary and holiday plant care!


  1. We have certainly talked about that flower a lot on the podcast. Merry Christmas Carol!

  2. I made the mistake of leaving this in a container and it died. But it was lovely in bloom! Glad you had some Christmas blooms

  3. Oh boy, you're in for it now. You've called the garden fairies lazy! You will never hear the end of that.


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