Happy Birthday, Potted and Pruned

Happy Birthday, Potted and Pruned.  Three years old today!

For the occasion, I wrote my book a letter!

Dear Potted and Pruned,
        It seems like just yesterday you were a brand new book and look at you now! Three years have flown by, haven't they? Remember all the adventures people took you on?
         You've been to places I've never been like Russia, and India, and England, and Mexico, and even Harry Potter World.  I took you a few places too, including Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Austin, St. Augustine, and Salt Lake City. You are a well-traveled book!
         And how about your companion books? I took your solo act and added two more books, Homegrown and Handpicked and Seeded and Sodded so you could be the lead in a trilogy—the only trilogy of gardening humor in the world!
        I'm so proud of you. Remember when you won the Gold Award for Best Overall Book from GardenComm back in 2018? I'll never forget that night, high up in the Aon Building, looking out over the lights of Chicago and getting that award with you.
       Good times!
       And there are more good times to come. We are just getting started, aren't we, Potted and Pruned? First of all, there's another book coming—Creatures and Critters—but it will never take your place as my first book. No one can take your place.
       And there is more traveling to be done!  I'm taking you to Virginia later this summer and maybe a few other places as well.
        Plus, in honor of your birthday, I've set up a little shop for you and the other books over on Bookshop.  People can purchase you from that site and have you shipped and the proceeds will support independent bookstores. I know you like that!
         I'm looking forward now to many more years with you, Potted and Pruned.  May all good things come to you in your fourth year of being in print!

With a shared love of gardening,


  1. Well put, humorous posting! I just may have to purchase one (or all) of your books, just for enjoyable reading, since my plants are all in pots these days. Wait wait, maybe that's what potted means.

  2. What was your book's response to this loving and supportive conversation?

  3. Congratulations Carol !! Your baby turned 3, yes it seems like yesterday !! Amazing !! Now waiting for your travel pictures to be posted and for your new release. I got to purchase one for my self. Wishing you good luck, keep writing and have an amazing year. Looking forward to many prints !!! Blessings & Love


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