Sometimes you just do stuff...

Sometimes you just do stuff because you find this cool website where you can upload photos and make interesting pictures like this one of me on an imaginary book cover.

Maybe one day I'll write that book!

In the meantime, I have made great progress on my fifth book, which is my fourth book of gardening essays. I'll write a whole blog post about it someday soon!

In the meantime, you might head over to my author website to read about my adventures in throwing a bit of clay on a pottery wheel.  While you are there, you might as well scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up for my email newsletter. I'm going to be publishing the first newsletter someday soon. You won't want to miss out on it.

Then while you are watering your houseplants, tune in to The Gardenangelists.  The latest episode is all about "A Heart for Flowers and Veggies for Your Heart." (If you don't listen to your podcast on Apple Podcasts, you can get to the podcast from our host, BuzzSprout.)

And if you have some good ideas on how to keep cyclamen alive for more than a month or two, please let me know. Neither my podcast co-host, Dee, or I seem to have much luck with them.

Dee says when she buys one it is like giving it a death sentence. I won't got that far but will confess they don't last long here either.  Yes, we are experienced gardeners but that doesn't mean we don't kill plants. It probably means we kill a lot of plants!

Finally, let me be the first to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.  Please come back here on the 15th because it is the start of the next season of Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Not to be missed!


Happy Valentines Day to you too. It looks like you are keeping busy this chilly winter.
This comment has been removed by the author. are keeping busy! Happy Valentines Day and I will be looking forward to your newsletter!