Garden Fairies Seek the Truth, At All Times

Garden fairies here.

Well, Carol's gone and done it.  We are garden fairies and we can hardly believe it but it appears to have happened and we were there for it.

Carol has resurrected her YouTube Channel, Indygardener.

Where to begin?

Well, Violet GreenPea MayDraems got a notice about a press conference being held to announce the opening of the gardening season so she dropped all her work in the garden and rushed in to take part.

It is a good thing, too, that she did because Carol was getting ready to tell a whopper of a lie. Well, she did tell a whopper of a lie but then realized that you cannot tell lies about garden fairies and get away with it.

So she reversed herself and told the truth.

It was all recorded.

You can watch her new YouTube video here.

After doing so, we are garden fairies. We would like you to subscribe to her YouTube channel and give her a thumbs-up rating.

Just do it, because you don't want to cross garden fairies. You don't.

Submitted by:

Violet GreenPea MayDreams, Chief Scribe, and now Chief Fact-Checker for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens

P.S. We would like to thank Carol for potting up five flats of violas after she finished her video and cutting back the hellebore foliage and epimedium foliage. We will now do our work to make those flowers pretty again.

P.S.S.  Stay tuned. We are garden fairies and we think Carol's next book is coming out soon. We are garden fairies. We wrote several chapters of this book so it is clearly the best one yet.  We are not biased.


  1. Too funny girl. Loved the video. Happy Spring.

  2. I don't want to tick off the garden fairies so I will subscribe as instructed!


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