What's at the End of Your Street?

What's at the end of your street?

Another street?

A house?

A dead-end?

Here at May Dreams Gardens, the end of my street is a dead-end, and just beyond that dead-end... well...

Since we can't walk down there together so you can see for yourself, I've made a little video to show you. It's the  newest episode of Gardenpiece Theater, episode 5.

Now I'd love to know what's at the end of your street. You can tell me in a comment, post about in your blog, or even post a little video about it!


Do you need some ideas about what to listen to while walking outside, keeping your distance from everyone else? Of course, I recommend The Gardenangelists podcast, which I record with Dee Nash from Red Dirt Ramblings every week. Look for it on Apple Podcasts or whatever service you use for streaming podcasts.  And if you are on Facebook, please join in our special group for listeners. We call it The Gardenangelists' Garden Club.


I am getting some anonymous comments these days that are hateful and filled with vile thoughts and cuss words, and I'm not notified via email when it happens. So I have changed the settings on this blog to no longer allow anonymous comments. Thanks for understanding if you are no longer able to comment here.  


  1. At the end of my street you wouldn't want to see. It dead ends into a 4 lane highway. I don't know how people can stand to live there. Lots of traffic where I live. I would rather see horses.

  2. At the end of my street...which is a road, there is another road. A house sits right in front of you as you wait to turn and it is a very old house. It is well over one hundred years old. I went to school with a boy who lived there and I remember he had two springer spaniels, one black and white and one brown and white and my sisters and I called the saddle shoe dogs. LOL Do you remember saddle shoes?

  3. What an interesting question!
    I live out in the country on a road between two small towns. Going east there is a four-way stop with a bank and a restaurant. Going west, a four-way stop with electric power company, a bank, and a grocery store. There is about 10 miles between the two towns, and I live mid-way between the two.

  4. I live on a village street. At the closer end, there is an intersection where 4 streets meet in an asymmetric configuration. Each street has a different name. At the other end of the street is the village business district and a traffic circle. Small town living is the best.


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