Finally Frost Free?

Finally, I think we've seen our last frost until fall and are cleared for planting, at least here in central Indiana.

Today, I took all the plants out of the back of the truck and put them on the front porch or the back patio, depending on where their final destination will be.

I've left the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, basil, and a few flowers I started from seed are in the sunroom for one more night, but I am planning to put them back outside tomorrow.

I am also planning another trip to the greenhouse for more plants for me and my sisters. After all, the truck is empty again. Time to fill it up!

Then, depending on when or if we get rain, I'll start planting by the weekend.

Before all the plants got relocated, I had a Zoom conference call with representatives from the vegetables in the sunroom and the annuals in the back of the truck. I recorded it and posted it on YouTube, in case you want to know what we talked about.

In other news, I also found the soil knife I "lost" a few days ago. It was sticking up in front of a shrub that I had stopped to trim up a bit.  Honestly, I don't remember doing this at a time when I had my soil knife with me. Nor do I remember sticking the knife in the flower bed like that.

So I can't say for certain how this knife ended up here, but I can share a video I made with tips on how to keep from losing your tools.

Now long-time readers will surely read between the lines and suspect that garden fairies were involved not only in the disappearance of this tool but also in the re-appearance of this tool. I will think about this and try to think of other explanations. But right now, I'm going with garden fairies as the primary suspects.

In the meantime, while I'm planting and buying and making videos, I hope are listening to my weekly podcast, The Gardenangelists, that I record each week with Dee Nash of Red Dirt Ramblings.  This week we talk about summering houseplants and the murder hornet that has everyone freaking out. Dee also has a terrific post on roses on her blog that is a must-read. We'll be talking about roses on the podcast in a few weeks.

Happy Spring!


  1. Can't wait to get out there and start planting. Good that you found your knife. Those rascally fairies.

  2. In Western NY we are hoping that the hard freezes are over. Yesterday morning it was 24 degrees in the garden! Today at least my cold frame was 40 degrees so felt safe moving everything out there for the day. I've been to the greenhouses too, but have to remind myself of all the moving in and out I'll have to do so purchases have been at a minimum.


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