Garden Fairies Provide an Update

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we want to report that as we write this a big thunderstorm is rolling through so we thought we would just come inside and take care of some blog business and provide a decent update on the goings-on around here.

Normally at this point, we'd tell you how lazy Carol has been, and how if she doesn't get busy planting, well, things are not going to grow very well.  But we have to say, she's at least planted out the tomatoes and peppers and everything that goes into a container.

We'll give her props for that! We are garden fairies!

Still left to do are sow the seeds in the vegetable garden and clean up the patio area.  Plus find places for a whole bunch of perennials and shrubs she got to try out in her garden.

We are garden fairies and we think if Carol would do some proper weeding, she'd find a few spots here and there for the perennials. And there are some spots that are big enough for shrubs too.

We do understand there has been quite a bit of rain and it is best to wait to sow seeds until the garden has dried up a bit. Even Granny Gus McGarden, who manages the vegetable garden, supports waiting.

In the meantime, oh my goodness, do we have a story to tell about how some of us—we are talking about Flora and Florene in particular—almost ended up being seen on a Zoom meeting.  Luckily, Seedy and Soddy figured out what was going on and got those two out of there before they were noticed.

What happened was Carol apparently got a brilliant idea to have a zoom meeting with some tomato plants and a geranium. Well, Flora and Florene were resting in the pot of the geranium and didn't realize that it was all set up to be in the Zoom meeting!  But Seedy and Soddy noticed right off and managed to push them off to safety just as the meeting started.

Ol' Rainboy Tanglefly said it would have been the first time a garden fairy had been on a Zoom meeting! Now wouldn't that have been something to see. Hmmm... maybe Carol ought to have another one of those Zoom meetings?

Anyway, that's what's going on here. The rain is falling hard and we garden fairies are seeking shelter as best we can.

Once this storm blows over, no doubt Carol will want the keyboard back so we'll sign off for now and wish everyone a nice day.

Submitted by:
Viola GreenPea MayDreams, Chief Scribe for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens.


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