The Garden Fairies May Need to Defend Themselves

How's it growing?

My mesclun mix looks pretty good. I'm about ready to cut some of it to add to a salad of store-bought lettuce.

Is that allowed? Mixing homegrown lettuce with store-bought lettuce?

It seems there are so many rules these days, one never knows. Rules are popping up faster than dandelions!

Fortunately, here in my garden, I can do pretty much whatever I want to do, although there are those neighborhood covenants...

Just about the only thing those covenants are keeping me from doing is getting some chickens, which is probably an okay thing at this point. But other than that? Well, that six-foot privacy fence keeps them from seeing just how tall weeds can get around here before I pull them.

I do have some wildflowers tucked in here and there which I allow to reseed wherever. No covenants against doing that!
I rescued these trilliums about 10 years ago from a woods that was going to be dammed up to create a small lake. I wrote about it at the time. Link? I suppose if I must, I will find it. Found it! Only for you, dear reader.  By the way, I've chosen three different botanical names for this one over the years. I keep changing my mind on which species it really is. Let's just call it trillium

I purchased this trillium several years ago.
I know it is Trillium grandiflorum!

In other news, I've made several trips over the past few weeks to the local greenhouse, Court'sYard and Greenhouse.
They are doing everything they can to keep all customers safe, including wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, limiting wagons in the greenhouse, taking orders by phone for curbside pick up, etc. They are the best! They are amazed and grateful for everyone's support and for all the new customers who discovered gardening this spring.

Who knew that one of the byproducts, if we can call it that, of a pandemic would be a renewed interest in gardening? Based on all the questions being asked via Facebook, there are a lot of people who are taking up trowels for the first time ever.

And even though I'm spending more time in my own garden, I've taken the time to create a few more YouTube videos. I think regular readers, and new readers, might appreciate the series I'm calling Gardening with Carol. (I know, that title isn't all that creative. Let's just assume I'm using my creativity for the content, not the title.) I've published four episodes so far! The first one is a little rough, but so are the next three! I'm learning as I go. If you like them, tell me, and I'll do more!

And speaking of more, I have more to ask of you. Who has purchased a copy of my fifth book, Creatures and Critters: Who's in My Garden?

You haven't purchased it? Follow the link to see how to purchase it from or Amazon.  What a great Mother's Day gift for yourself or your mama!

You have purchased it? Bless you! I'd love a little review on Amazon. You are kind to do so!

Now, after a bit of rain (.56 inches in the last 24 hours), it appears to be dry enough for me to mow.  So I'm going to finish this post and publish it before the garden fairies try to take over the keyboard and defend themselves. They may have a desire to do so when they realize what I said about them in Episode 4 of Gardening with Carol.

Happy May, everyone!


  1. Happy May! I love the trillium. I was going to plant my tomatoes this week, but I saw that we might have some frost next weekend. I will wait!


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