A Peace Offering?

As soon as I stepped out the back door and looked down, I saw it. A half-eaten cherry tomato. And that's being generous to say half-eaten. It looks like someone took just one bite out of it!

Who did this?

I'll tell you who likely did it.

It was probably a chipmunk. I see them quite often though admittedly I haven't seen one for a while. They must be hiding out in the shade and then coming out in the cool evenings to ravage my garden by eating cherry tomatoes and occasionally digging in the front porch planter boxes.

Then they leave the half-eaten cherry tomato as a peace offering!

It should all infuriate me but it doesn't.

There are plenty of cherry tomatoes.

The front porch planter boxes aren't "all that" anyway.  They are mostly in shade and I haven't yet come to grips with that and so I often plant sun-loving flowers in them and wonder why they languish.

They languish because chipmunks dig in the dirt and I don't choose the plants well. Although come to think of it, this year I planted some New Guinea impatiens and regular impatiens. I think the regular impatiens are doing alright but the New Guinea impatiens are suffering from the digging.

Darn chipmunks. If they weren't so cute... How cute are they? Cute enough that I gave them a whole chapter in my book Creatures and Critters: Who's in My Garden.

In other news, Dee and I published a new podcast episode of The Gardenangelists this morning, in which, amongst other topics, we talk about this combo of Agastache 'Blue Fortune' and Hemerocallis 'Hyperion'.
 It's a happy accidental pairing in my front garden.

This week's episode is our 37th episode of this season. Add to that 52 episodes from the first season, plus 2 special episodes, including the weeding episode which you should definitely listen to while you are weeding. It will inspire and encourage you.

Anyway, if I've done my math correctly, we've published 91 podcast episodes so far! That means our 46th episode of this season 2 will be our 100th episode. Hmmm... wheels are spinning. We'll need to do something extra special for our listeners to mark the occasion.

Intrigued about what that extra special thing will be? Listen to The Gardenangelists podcast, join in the fun, and you'll find out in nine weeks!