Random pics & thoughts from a veg garden

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A few random pics and thoughts from The Vegetable Garden Cathedral.

Vegetable Garden Cathedral? Are you new here? That's what I call my vegetable garden. All because for one brief summer in or around 2012, or rather precisely in 2012, the garden was arranged with a center aisle with raised beds on each side, like rows of pews.

Honestly, entering the vegetable garden was like entering a church. (Begin your interpretation of that here!)

So even though it isn't arranged that way now, the name stuck.

Anyway, I went out a-pickin' in The Vegetable Garden Cathedral yesterday morning and picked squash, cucumbers, a few peppers, a few little tomatoes, and a mess of green beans.

Is that what you call a bunch of green beans when you pick them, a mess? That's what we always called them. And I still do. It could be an Indiana thing? Or a Midwest thing? A universal thing? Let me know what kind of thing it is.

I then recorded and uploaded another reaction video because one of the zucchini squash I picked was big. Not record-breaking big, but well... watch the video for details. It's just two minutes and 34 seconds. Links provided for your convenience.

Now, since I titled this post "random pics", here is another picture.

It's the one hardy hibiscus in the row of flowers that decorates The Vegetable Garden Cathedral. It's big and pink, isn't it?

I kind of like it. This was a trial plant sent to me by Rozanne & Friends and it is the variety 'Brandy Punch'. I gotta be honest. Hardy hibiscus has never been on my list of must-have plants, but now that I see this one, I am strongly considering getting more.

Also, a few weeks ago, Dee and I recorded a podcast episode of The Gardenangelists about hardy and tropical hibiscus. It was Dee's idea. I was ambivalent about them. The one I have hadn't bloomed yet. But then we talked about them, then 'Brandy Punch' bloomed, and now I'm thinking I need more.

At the risk of putting one more plant on your list of "gotta have", you should listen to that episode. Then let me know if you want to grow some hibiscus too.


  1. We call them a mess in Oklahoma too, or at least my Missouri grandmother did. Hardy hibiscus are loads of fun in a hot summer.~~Dee

  2. I am so upset that my zucchini plant does not have any fruit on it. Only male flowers. My yellow squash is full of fruit. I have picked numerous cukes. they are so good.

  3. I grew up in California and we always had a mess of beans. Or a mess of Catfish. Never thought of them together like that?!?!?!?


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