Garden Fairies Provide More Evidence

Garden fairies here!

We are garden fairies and we are here to do our part to keep this blog active and interesting, with most of the emphasis on the interesting part.

Let us provide a few updates which we think you will find interesting.

See, there it is! Interesting. Again.

We are garden fairies.

Our main update is that Carol continues to be lazy. 

Oh sure, she was thinking she was "all that" when she spread those first nine bags of mulch, but since then? Nothing. Still nine bags to spread.

But we will give her some credit. She has at least kept the lawn mown. But we can't remember when she also trimmed the edges. See above about lazy.

And she's gone out to the vegetable garden to pick tomatoes and squash and green beans.  But the weeds are really growing into their own back there. With all the rain, we've never seen them quite so lush. Granny Gus McGarden is beside herself with how things look in The Vegetable Garden Cathedral. Really. It's disgraceful.  But has Carol pulled those weeds? Before you answer that, see above about lazy.

Thank goodness we keep getting dribbles and drabbles of rain. What? You don't know how much a dribble or a drabble is? We are garden fairies! Such elementary stuff.  A dribble is a rainfall of less than one-quarter of an inch. A drabble is a rainfall of less than one half of an inch but more than one-quarter of an inch. Anyway, on days when we get dribbles and drabbles of rain, Carol doesn't water, then she sees one of the plants on the porch starting to wilt and remembers they don't get rained on. See above about lazy.

Don't even look at the poor, dry houseplants. Such is how it is most summers. Those poor houseplants are pushed to the brink of existence because she's too lazy to water them, and then she realizes that are just about ready to give up and begins to water them again. Let us redundantly say together, "See above about lazy."

We are garden fairies. That is all we have to post right now. We hope that Carol wakes up tomorrow and posts something nice for everyone, though truthfully, we believe most people prefer our posts over hers. See above about lazy.

Respectfully submitted,
Violet Greenpea MayDreams, Chief Scribe and Keeper of the Dictionary of Garden Fairy Terms