Garden Fairies See and Tell

 Garden fairies here!

How do you like what Florene and Flora did to these zinnias?  They are quite proud of how they made the colors fade on the petals. 

We would love to tell people what variety of zinnias these are but once again, Carol disappoints as she no longer has the seed packets. Nor did she make a list of the zinnia varieties she planted.

And the writing on the plastic labels she used to mark where she planted each variety of zinnias has faded to the point she can just re-use those same labels next year because they are blank.

And next year she need not bother actually writing on the labels because they are just going to fade again.  Honestly, she has gardened too long to not have figured out how to permanently write on a plastic plant label!

So this is our advice to Carol. Just stick blank labels all over. No sense wasting time on writing on them.

We are garden fairies. You are welcome.

Now stop distracting us with zinnias and label rants and let us tell you what we saw.

What we saw is we saw Carol typing on the computer which in and of itself is not a big deal as she is often typing on the computer. And sometimes she is just staring at it on one of the Zoom calls.  

We are garden fairies! We want to try a Zoom call! We saw that Carol managed to figure out how to do a Zoom call with plants. Why can't she figure out how to do one with us? We are garden fairies. We would be good. We wouldn't break the internet!  We promise.

Anyway, back to Carol typing.  

We saw her type "The End" at the end of her next book manuscript. At first we thought that was hilarious because that is so typical of how authors do things. "The End."  As if. "Haha," we say. The end of the first draft is not the end of the writing process. Not by a long-shot. 

We garden fairies need to look at the book now to see if it is going to get a garden fairy stamp of approval.

So we sent Seedy and Soddy in to check out this next book and they reported back that there is no mention of garden fairies in it, but it is about gardening. 

Let us repeat that. There is no mention of garden fairies but it is about gardening.

That means there is absolutely no way this book is done in any way, shape, or form. No stamp of approval from us! We are garden fairies and we will not allow this to be. So now we have formed a task force to discuss how to add garden fairies to this sixth book that Carol has written.

Which by the way has three working titles.

Geez, we are garden fairies. We are going to do our best to help Carol out but we can make no promises. 

Submitted by:

Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Editor for the garden fairies at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Thank you for the smile today and looking forward to the next book :-)

  2. You brighten my day with your humor, Carol!


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