Mulch Done

I got mulch done in the garden yesterday, meaning, I finished spreading the bags of mulch I've had on hand since April. No more guilt for me because of all the bags of mulch stacked all over the patio!

Guess what I'm going to do now?

Buy more mulch.

Because what I purchased in April wasn't enough.  

But this time, I'm only going to buy what I can fit on my truck, which is about ten bags, and then I'm going to spread all ten bags of mulch right off the truck.

No more stacking the mulch around for this gardener! That's just an invitation to laziness, as I found out this summer. Nope. I'm a reformed gardener, again.  Back in control of the mulch situation!

Guess what else I did?  I got my mower tuned up and I didn't have to haul it to a shop and then wait for days if not weeks for them to fix it. Instead, I called a mobile mower repair service. Gosh, it was so nice. On the day promised, the guy pulled up in his truck with a trailer attached containing his mobile shop. Then he flipped on a generator to power the shop and twenty minutes later, my mower was tuned up, sharpened up, and ready to go with fresh oil and a new spark plug.

It was a pleasure to mow today, with no fear that I was going to burn out the motor due to lack of oil or dirty oil or the wrong amount of oil (don't ask why I had all those fears) and a blade that had a nice sharp edge on it. It helped, too, that it was 79ºF.  

And what is my mower?  It's a Troy-Bilt mower they sent me ten years ago to use and write a review of. Ten years later, it's still running like a champ and is my primary mower.  It even has a name! Forrest. Can you guess why?


Next week, I'm going to fit my mowing and mulching around attending GardenComm International's Virtual Conference. The sessions take place each day, August 10 - 13, starting at 3 pm EDT. 

I've met a lot of people and made many friends through GardenComm. I credit many of the connections I've made through GardenComm with helping me publish books, find speaking engagements, and improve my garden communication skills overall. 

If you are interested in GardenComm and the virtual conference, there's still time to sign up. For non-members, the registration fee includes membership in GardenComm through the end of the year.  Plus, if you can't make the specific times each day, all the sessions will be made available after the conference so you can view them later.  


  1. Congrats on getting your mulch spread. Good luck with the following mulch management.


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