My Next Quest

Now that I've don't have bags of mulch nagging me from the patio, I feel a bit at loose ends, deciding what my next gardening adventure is going to be.

I have many options—quests—that I can undertake. 

I could go buy those additional bags of mulch I need. It would be a good test of my intentions to not let those bags languish, age properly, before spreading the mulch.

I could move around a few plants that I think are simply in the wrong place. But I think it is a bit early for that. After Labor Day is a much better time to start that quest. Plus, I'll need to map it out. Move those plants over there, but first move the plants over there to that other spot but not before I've cleared that other spot. Oh my. I need to figure out where that all starts, which plant gets moved first, so that I don't have plants pulled out with no place to put them.

And of course, there is weeding. Always weeding. By this time in the growing season, the weeding opportunities and challenges abound. Abound, I tell you.  Foxtail, purslane, crabgrass, bidens, and weeds I don't really know the names of. I am a bright green thumb when it comes to weeds. They grow quite well and prolifically here at May Dreams Gardens.

So which quest shall I choose to tackle next? 

Mulching? Transplanting? Or weeding?

I think for the sake of the garden, I should choose weeding. I'd like a weed-free garden, at least for a day. It's a quest that will keep me busy for days and days. And days.

I'll decide in a bit. Who knows? Maybe a hitherto unknown challenge will present itself and I'll choose it over all three of the others!


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And here's a surprise lily looking good right now!


  1. Hooray for you the mulch is now where it should be. Still procrastinating, myself.

    What beautiful lilies!

    1. Thank you. I have those lilies all over. I keep digging and dividing and spreading them out.

  2. I think you should just wander around and admire your hard work with a glass of iced tea. That is what August is for.

  3. I love the lillies. I have a couple of plants I need to move. One of them is completely in the wrong place. Te other is way to close to another plant. I always have weeding.

  4. Your naked ladies or magic lilies (those are the two names I know them by) are looking splendid. My two clumps are looking about the same and smell so good! When is the best time to divide them? Good job on the mulch, finally, haha.

    1. Ginny, I move mine around in the spring when the leaves appear. I dig up a big clump, divide up the bulbs, then replant in new places. I usually always still get flowers that next fall. Every one one of my clumps actually started out as one bulb!

  5. Love your naked ladies - so many of them! Wow!
    I started to move my Iris but needed to make room in a new bed but then needed to move what was there - just like you I went back to weeding. It seemed easier some how! Happy Weeding!

    1. That's about one-fourth of them, Joanne. They are everywhere!


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