The Best Zinnias I've Ever Grown

I rescued the zinnias from the evil clutches of the weeds and for now, peace reigns in the garden.

And it is lovely.

Honestly, these are the best zinnias I've ever grown. 

There are zinnias in all colors, except blue and purple. I don't think zinnias come in purple and they definitely aren't any blue zinnias.

Some of the zinnias are over four feet tall!

And from where I'm looking, there doesn't seem to be much powderly mildew on them.

While I was admiring the zinnias, an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail showed up and said, "Excuse me while I eat some nectar here."

Of course I replied that I would not stand in his way of feasting a bit.

Though I did take advantage of his presence to make a video of him flitting from one zinnia to another

I think watching this video is a relaxing way to spend a minute and 40 seconds. Tell me I'm wrong! You can't because you know it is relaxing to watch butterflies.

Update:  I buy lots of zinnia seeds from Renee's Garden Seeds, Botanical Interests Seeds, and Burpee. Look for the tallest varieties which are best started from seed sown directly in the garden after all danger of frost has passed in the spring. 


This week's episode of The Gardenangelists offers a little Shakespeare for your garden. Just a little. We do not talk about zinnias in this episode but we do in other episodes. If you listen to one of them, you will find that I pronounce zinnias as "zeen-yahs." I don't know why. Just how I learned it as a kid, I guess. I'm trying to do better and say "zin-e-ahs" but I have to think about it before I say it.


Over on my author website, I have a separate blog where I occasionally post about writing or something non-gardeny. It has a separate RSS feed, if you are interested (sign up is at the bottom of the home page). This week, I posted about my absence from social media.


  1. You say potatoes, I say potahtoes! Zeen-yahs is the way I learned to say it, too. And yours are splendid, complete with butterflies. I hope you are picking bouquets to enjoy inside!

  2. What variety of zinnias do you grow? I've gotten zinnia plants from the boy scouts the last two years, but they are a dwarf variety. They are pretty when they fill out, but useless for cutting because of the short stems. I guess I'll need to plant seeds (I buy lots of seeds that never seem to make it into the ground) next spring.

    1. I added some info on the blog post about where I buy my zinnia seeds. Look for varieties that say they grow three to four feet or have extra long stems for cutting.

  3. I learned to say zeenyahs, just like Ginny. Mine are beautiful, too!

  4. I finally have some zinnias in Brown County as well. Lots of swallowtails also but boy has it been a struggle. Becky Kirts

  5. Zinnias do come in purple. They are called purple prince zinnias.

  6. I loved thee video ! and you are so right .. RELAXING !
    My luck with zinnias is very bad .. earwigs ate them up like candy ... I became very reluctant to try them again .. but you are pushing me towards the zinnia light ! LOL
    Beautiful !!

  7. This too was my first year of enjoying beautiful zinnias! Mine too are 4 feet tall and no powdery mildew. Swallowtails are bountiful as well as the blooms!!!

  8. Have not been able to grow impressive Zinnias--yours look great!

  9. Every year I find myself trying different varieties of tall zinnias. Some are loved, some are NOT. But I am enamored with Oklahoma Salmon zinnias, they make me swoon!

  10. How pretty shades of Zinnia .It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening where you can post about plants and flowers here at

  11. Grew the most beautiful zinnias this summer in my community garden. I had more fun filling every room in my home with these mixed beauties and sharing them with family and friends!


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