I must not allow

I must not allow this redbud tree seedling to continue to grow and take over this flower bed.  

I will cut it out today.

I promise.

Ugh. Such an ugly picture.  I am only showing it here to illustrate how if you do not attend to your flower beds by removing tree seedlings, you'll soon see small trees everywhere.

I do realize that some gardeners like to keep the tree seedlings that randomly show up in their gardens. 

Goodness gracious. 

If I kept every tree seedling that rooted itself in my garden, I'd live in a forest and it wouldn't be all native redbud trees. It would include the invasive Chinese mulberry trees in abundance. Plus invasive honeysuckle and some invasive Chinese bittersweet vines.  But also a few oaks, walnuts, and cottonwoods.  But also invasive burning bush and wintercreeper vines.

Back to the ugly picture. 

It is ugly because it shows how dried up the garden is, due to lack of rain. And partly due to my optimism. I always think it will eventually rain again, and in time for these plants to survive. And even if it doesn't rain soon, these plants will survive somehow. 

And if they don't survive, I will have spaces to plant more plants in the spring.

In other words, it will all turn out just fine.

As long as I pull ou that redbud seedling.


  1. But it's a redbud - with those wonderful heart-shaped leaves. Somebody will want it. Pot it up in one of the black plastic pots you have behind your shed, and give it away to a unsuspecting new home owner. Win-win!!

  2. I have let a few of these redbuds go in my garden and I have given many away. It is funny how they pop up here and there. It is always interesting how the squirrels plant so many different types of trees in the garden. Those mulberry trees are a pain too. They pop up everywhere.

  3. Ugh! Beautiful tree if it would be satisfied being a single tree! I've learned to recognize a redbud seedling at 1/4" tall and, of course, remove it immediately! Are there sterile varieties???

  4. Don't tell me about it! For us its yaupon holly and now it is constant because we let those suckers grow. And they are natives too.

  5. You mean I shouldn't be yearning for a redbud seedling tree (since I'm too cheap to buy one as I know they self-seed relentlessly)? It's exceedingly dry here as well (western NY) and the virburnum and bottlebrush buckeye look like they are ready to give up the ghost. The two days of rain that was forecast have turned into a slight chance of showers.


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