Orange is a Color

I am not going to write it.

I am not going to write "Orange you glad you garden?"

Nope. Not here.  

I'm just going to show pumpkins and orange zinnias and orange marigolds.  

My pumpkin isn't going to win any prizes. I actually have five little pumpkins and this is the best of the patch. Not too bad considering the lack of attention I gave my pumpkin patch and the rough treatment of the vines a few weeks ago when I pulled and yanked on them to get them away from the strawberries.  

I think it is time to pick these pumpkins and clear out those dead vines.

My zinnias are some of the best I've grown, as I've noted earlier.  They look they will grow on until frost and seem to actually like the dry days we are having now. Good for them.

This particular one is 'Queen Lime Orange'.

Normally, I buy mixed zinnias so I get all colors, but I make an exception for the 'Queen Lime Orange' for obvious reasons.  I feel blessed that there is no powdery mildew on them and the Japanese beetles didn't find them.  

And marigolds? What's not to like? Oh the scent is not to like you say? I like the scent of marigolds, in small quantities.

I wouldn't want to bottle it up for perfume or to make a room spray but in small doses out in the garden, it is the scent of the end of summer.

And that's all the orange I've got today.

Orange you glad I wrote this post?


Hey, have you caught on that I record a weekly podcast with Dee Nash? In this week's episode, we manage to relate skateboarding to gardening.  If you are curious about how we did that—and you should be— listen to find out!


  1. I am happy you wrote this post. Orange you glad I read it? ha..
    I have one pumpkin this year from a volunteer vine. I mixed compost into a flower bed and the vine began to grow. I didn't know which viney plant was growing because there was cantaloupe, watermelon etc in the compost so this was a nice surprise.


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