Five Ideas for Garden Blog Posts

If you've ever sat and stared at your computer wondering what to post on your garden blog, or any blog, then this is the post for you!

I'm going to give you five ideas that you can use anytime on your own garden blog to make an engaging post.

Idea number one is to sow some seeds. Well, not actual seeds, but symbolic seeds. Seeds equal ideas. Share some of your ideas about gardening and see if they germinate with others. For example, you might share what you put into your fall containers to inspire others to plant fall containers too.

Idea number two is to go outside your garden.  

That's right. Your garden blog doesn't always have to be about your own garden. You can share information about other gardens you've visited and enjoyed, with pictures, like this picture from Gibbs Garden in Georgia which was taken in the rain. 

Public gardens especially love for you to share pictures of their gardens, perhaps inspiring someone to visit there. 

Idea number three is to hook up with other garden bloggers.  

Join in on a meme, which is a recurring event that encourages like-minded people to all do something together.

In the gardening world, there is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, which I host on the 15th of the month. Garden bloggers use this meme as inspiration to post about the blooms in their garden around that day. There is also Wildflower Wednesday, which Gail at Clay and Limestone hosts on the fourth Wednesday of the month to highlight wildflowers you can grow in your garden. I'm sure there are others.    

Idea number four is to post a step by step guide showing how you did something in or out of your garden. 

People like instructions that allow them to replicate what you did. 

Admittedly, these days people often go to YouTube to get see how things are made or done but that doesn't mean you can't provide step-by-step instructions with a blog post, such as one I did about potting up amaryllis bulbs.  Or if you are really ambitious, post a YouTube video, and then write about it on your blog.

Idea number five is to share about books, articles, or podcasts about gardening that have inspired you. 

People often go to the Internet looking for inspiration. Share what has inspired you and maybe it will inspire others.  Don't worry that what you have to share isn't The Greatest, Most Inspiring Thing of All Time. You may only inspire one other person.  And sometimes, that's enough.

And if the author, blogger, podcaster, or gardener who inspired you is alive today, share with them how they inspired you, even with a simple email. Who knows? Your kind words may be the inspiration they were looking for too!

Five ideas. Enough to post something different each day Monday through Friday, then take the weekends off (for gardening of course).  Get going now, and let me know which idea you posted about first!



  1. Excellent list! Those are all good things that spur thinking. New plants purchases is another good subject.

    Lately, unfortunately, my number one subject has been complaining about the weather.


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