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When you post about gardening on Facebook...

Look, everyone, at my pretty flower. Like, like, like, screech, what's that? Oh, I almost got runover by that political ad.  Wasn't expecting that! It's no one I'd ever vote for. They aren't even in my district! I'm going to just scroll past that and hey, are those some nice looking shoes or what? I didn't know I needed new shoes! And oh my goodness, I didn't know it was that person's birthday! Happy Birthday! I wonder who that person is? How did I meet them? Did I meet them?  Ugh. Well, anyway. Arf! Arf! Arf! What is that incessant dog barking? Oh, right, here comes a parade of lost dogs, followed by a gaggle of dogs in search of their forever homes. Where are the cats?Are cats are too cool to post on FB? Clop, clop, clop, another shoe ad? When did I ever say I needed new shoes, but maybe I should just take a quick look and see what they've got?  Couldn't hurt to just look! After all, FB wouldn't show me shoes I don't like, would they? Oh my goodness gracious who is that cute baby? Oh, my second cousin's son's best friend's sister's baby? How do I know them? Duck! I just saw another political ad. This is getting crazy! How much time has gone by? 30 minutes? Oh dear. FB thinks I'm looking for clocks now.  Honestly I just came on here to post a picture of saffron crocuses. Hey is that a company trying to sell me bulbs? I'd look but I need to check out this recipe that just showed up for what look like the most delicious brownies! I'll eat just a few while I scroll down through here. What? How to get rid of that 10 lbs. you gained sitting on your couch scrolling FB? That looks promising.  Hey, there are some of my friends having lunch in a restaurant! Where are their masks? Why wasn't I invited? Was I invited? Did I miss the invitation? They look happy, but oh my, I'm probably happier. Aren't I? Maybe I'll just leave a comment asking about the masks? To remind them to wear them. Look out, here comes FB itself telling me what to look at next...

And so it goes.

Here on my blog, I just wanted you to know that my saffron crocuses (Crocus sativus) are blooming. I think about three of the dozen or so I planted a few falls ago have returned. That's nice, don't you think?

Like autumn crocuses, they bloom in the fall. However, they don't reliably return each year for me, so I'm not likely to get rich from harvesting those long red stigmas, from which we get saffron, an expensive spice.   

But if any of my neighbor's notice them, they just might think I've got some mad, magical gardening powers. I think that's worth it, don't you?


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  1. Deleted Facebook long ago for all the reasons you just listed. I don’t miss it for a single second.

  2. I have been avoiding too much social media, since my husband's illness. I have no time for the politics. When I do get on, I acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries, but I scroll past a lot of the junk.

    1. That's a good way to approach it. Get in, get out, stay away from the junk!

  3. I left FB about one year ago, and feel so free! I found too much stress and wasted time while using FB.

  4. Lucky me! I never got involved in any of that "social media" nonsense. Haven't missed out on anything, IMHO. Good luck with your detox.

  5. The crocus are so pretty. What a pleasant surprise to see them popping up.

  6. I’m not ready to give up Facebook. Many people tell me how much they enjoy my garden photos, and I seriously enjoy doing that. But I’ve learned to discard the unpleasant posts, mostly by unfollowing or snoozing people who bother me.


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