About Me

I love to garden and I love most everything about gardening... good soil, plants, flowers, books, tools, and other gardeners. I consider myself a Gardenangelist, an evangelist for gardening who loves gardening and wants others to love it, too.

I've been gardening in some capacity my whole life, starting as a toddler following behind my Dad as he planted peas every spring. I wore out the gardening books at my local library by checking them out over and over again. And there still might be a soup spoon or two—my childhood digging tool of choice—buried in the backyard.

Boiler up! I am a graduate of the Purdue University School of Agriculture with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Horticulture Production.  Then I went on to get a computer technology degree and worked in that field for 33 years because, well, we can't go back to the forks in the road...

What else? If you are reading this you may know I'm a long time garden blogger, probably most notable for coming up with Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. For the past ten years and still going, gardeners around the world post on their own blogs about what's blooming in their gardens on the 15th of every month and then leave a link on my blog post about what's blooming in my garden.  Keeping that record has really helped my garden. I have planted many flowers through the last ten years so I can have "perpetual spring" nearly all year long in my Zone 6a garden in central Indiana.

I often get requests from people who want to write guest posts on my blog. I only let my alter-egos guest post, including a little garden fairy named Violet Greenpea Maydreams, my garden analyst, Dr. Violet Q. Hortfreud, and occasionally the advice columnist Hortense Hoelove, though she is lazy and hasn't posted for years.

I cannot resist old gardening books so I call my library the Home For Old Gardening Books (and Seed Catalogs). I know I have the largest collection of gardening hoes as no one has ever disputed my claim to such.  I am also the keeper of the secrets to happiness in a garden. It's a big responsibility!

Last but not least, I am the author of the book Potted & Pruned: Living a Gardening Life (2017), which won a 2018 Gold Award for Best Overall Book from GardenComm: Garden Communicators International, Homegrown and Handpicked: A Year in a Gardening Life (2018), Seeded and Sodded: Thoughts from a Gardening Life (2019), and The Christmas Cottontail: A Story for Gardeners of All Ages (2019) which one First Place Children's Books—Fiction from the Woman's Press Club of Indiana.

My blog is huge with well over 2,500 posts going back to 2004.   My three gardening humor books are compilations of some of the best of those posts plus some new essays. I potted them up, pruned them a bit, and made otherwise cleaned them up for the books.  Do buy them! They make great gifts for any gardener.

And thanks for stopping by here at May Dreams Gardens.

All year I dream of the days of May when the sun is warm, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the garden is all new again.


Kalantikan said…
I wonder why I am the only commenter here. I came here after the fun post of Carol Fairy Vine. I envy your writing job because i am a horticulturist too, but after a few years in laboratory research i just happened to be transformed to IPR. I really love what you do.
Now there are 2 comments! Your blog is one of my favorites, I like how you can tie in books, you have many guest posts and the best, the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. As soon as I can get some current garden pics, I will be posting my link to your Bloom Day posts. Could I add my July post to your July Bloom Day post? By the way, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. Check out my post at www.floraseasons.com.
I had to check out the hoe report as well but ran out of images to find a space to comment. There probably isn't one due to those of bad taste and due to poor breeding and their utterances. My momma raised a gentle gardener. But I am duly impressed and I'm suffering a bipolar heartache (there really is one, for me at least) because I kept looking for the garden weasel. Must ask; is there one?
A thoroughly enjoyable and well written site Carol. I'll be sure to be back. Meanwhile I'll keep my eye out for a garden hoe that is unlike any of yours. That said it looks like you've got most of your bases covered here.
Marsha Ingrao said…
Hi Indygardener, I was just checking to see if you are still doing your gardening photo challenge. You've got your month of May finally. BTW, I am an Indy gal going way, way back. I live in CA now, though. You have an amazing amount of posts! I'm not the gardener that either you or my friend Carol, the Eternal Traveller are, but I do get an occasional gorgeous shot of spring beauties. Have a great spring. :)