Looking for a speaker?

Invite Carol to come and speak to your group!

Are you looking for a speaker for your garden club or Master Gardeners' group?

Carol combines humor and horticulture and speaks on a wide variety of topics including:

  • The Twelve Secrets to Happiness in Your Garden (A great keynote speech)
  • Beauty and the Vegetable Feast
  • Eat Your Garden
  • Grow Vegetables, No Excuses
  • Vegetable Gardening from A to Z
  • Tidbits and Treasures from Old Gardening Books
  • Gardening Tools, Beyond the Hoe
  • Time Management for Gardeners (short, 15 minute presentation)
  • Pillywiggin's Pleasaunce - Beyond Pink Tulips and Yellow Daffodil
  • Ver Perpetuum - Perpetual Spring in the Garden with Late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring Blooms
  • Plan Your Garden, Garden Your Plan
  • Odes to Compost: A Poetry Reading
  • My Little Black Book of Favorite Plants
  • When Opportunity Knocks: My Journey From a Blog to a Book
  • Garden Blogging - Join Other Gardeners Online thru Blogging

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