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Invite Carol to come and speak to your group!

Are you looking for a speaker for your garden club or Master Gardeners' group?

Carol combines humor and horticulture and speaks on a wide variety of topics including:

  • The Twelve Secrets to Happiness in Your Garden (A great keynote speech)
  • How to Live Your Best Gardening Life
  • Beauty and the Vegetable Feast
  • Eat Your Garden
  • Grow Vegetables, No Excuses
  • Vegetable Gardening from A to Z
  • Tidbits and Treasures from Old Gardening Books
  • Gardening Tools, Beyond the Hoe
  • Time Management for Gardeners (short, 15 minute presentation)
  • Pillywiggin's Pleasaunce - Beyond Pink Tulips and Yellow Daffodil
  • Ver Perpetuum - Perpetual Spring in the Garden with Late Fall, Winter, and Early Spring Blooms
  • Plan Your Garden, Garden Your Plan
  • Odes to Compost: A Poetry Reading
  • My Little Black Book of Favorite Plants
  • When Opportunity Knocks: My Journey From a Blog to a Book
  • Garden Blogging - Join Other Gardeners Online thru Blogging

Check out her information and reviews on Great Garden Speakers!  Email her at Indygardener at gmail.com to book her for your next club or organization's meeting!


combs said…
Sue Combs from the Hosta Society and the Indianapolis Garden Club. The IGC is looking for a speaker for May 2020. After hearing your lecture for the Hosta Society, I have highly recommended you. We are looking for a talk along the lines of Plan your Garden, Garden your Plan regarding a perennial border of the like--maybe Ver perpetuum like. You may have some suggestions. The meeting may be in Holliday Park to give you an idea of location. Would you be interested? (PS Loved your books--hopefully you could bring some to sell) Thank you.
Carol Michel said…
Sue, send me an email at Indygardener @ gmail.com. I am interested!